After nearly eight years in operation it is with some sadness that we have to announce we are no longer able to offer adventure flights in our JP5 Jet Provost.

The aircraft has been purchased by David Warren in Tasmania with its new home now being Hobart International Airport.

The XJET team would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone who flew a mission with us. We hope you did experience the unknown!
We can also create a mission specially for you!
XJET is the only Adventure Flight organisation with approval to operate an ex. Military Jet based at Essendon Airport, Melbourne. We are just 18 minutes driving time from the Melbourne CBD.

Other operators also claim they operate flights from Melbourne. Read carefully through their offer and you will find your Melbourne flight could be conducted from either Mangalore, Echuca or
even as distant as
the Hunter Valley, N.S.W.

So save yourself time and money and book your Jet Adventure Flight with XJET.
Since childhood you've always wanted to fly a jet fighter jet.
That life ambition doesn't have to be lost...
Located just 18 minutes from Melbourne's CBD,
XJET offers classic jet fighter adventure flights.

Experience a real jet fighter where you'll reach speeds of up to 700 kilometres per hour, 2,450 pounds of thrust, mixed with some mild aerobatics and feel the application of gentle 'G' force. It's a fantastic experience enabling you to feel and enjoy our Jet Provost JP5.

So go ahead and let that childhood dream become a reality!

Your mission starts as soon as you enter our Melbourne Base situated at Hangar 204 Essendon Airport. We have upgraded all our facilities to enable you, your family and friends to enjoy your flight with XJET. We have probably the best operational facilities of any venture flight operator in Australia.
  • When you arrive you'll enjoy the ambience of hangar 204 and the company of our highly experienced team as we prepare you for the flight of your life. You will be fully briefed and 'suited up' in your genuine military flight suit, gloves, life support equipment and measured up for your helmet.
  • You'll then be briefed for your mission making sure you understand all the safety requirements and learn about the likely flight path, aerobatics and manoeuvres you will experience on your flight.
  • You will then be led out on to the apron where your Jet Provost JP5 will have been made ready for take off.
  • The XJET operations room looks directly out on to the hangar apron where family and friends can look out and share in what will be one of the most memorable days of your life.
Included in all mission costs are the following XJET merchandised items to help you commemorate your adventure flight with us.
  • Personalised venture flight certificate
  • XJET T shirt
  • XJET cap
So go right ahead and choose a mission that best suits your needs. If you require any further information not detailed on our site or would like to talk through your requirements then please contact our
Operations Manager.
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For enquiries please call
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