BAC Jet Provost XW295 MISSIONS
Air Combat Mission XW295
Sit side by side with a
RAAF Trained Pilot
The Air Combat mission includes a full spectrum of aerobatics as mild or wild as you would like and we introduce to a number of military combat manoeuvres utilised by pilots in an aerial dog fight or preparing for combat situations.

This flight can include the following aerobatic content depending on the individual
participants requirements:
  • Aileron Roll
  • Barrell Roll
  • Loop
  • Wing Over
  • Advanced manoeuvring - 3 & 4 G turns
  • Cuban 8
All flights are tailored to suit each 'co pilot'. Being in constant communication and sitting side by side with your pilot makes it easy to be a part of the cockpit action whilst enjoying the jet's amazing performance.

Included in your mission costs is the following XJET merchandised items to help you commemorate your adventure flight.
  • Personalised flight certificate
  • XJET T shirt
  • XJET cap
A flight video and stills are recorded for all flights. This will be presented to you on a memory stick in our special XJET presentation box. This is available for $235.

All flights can be digitally recorded and post produced into a variety of formats to allow you to watch your adventure flight on the medium of your choice.

XJET employs two state of the art in flight cameras which means we can record your flight from two different angles. This gives you an incredible perspective of your jet fighter manoeuvres and your reactions in flight. The video records all conversation and air traffic control transmissions and is then professionally edited including background music of your choice.

A selection of in-flight stills is also captured throughout the flight and added to the memory stick for you to download and enjoy.