BAC Jet Provost XW295
BAC Jet Provost XW295

With a pressurised cockpit, re-designed windscreen, sliding canopy, longer nose and new wings, our BAC Jet Provost XW295 is the most advanced variant of the Provost family. Equipped with the world class Rolls Royce 'Viper' jet engine, you will feel every bit the military pilot as the Jet's turbine kicks in on take off.

Originally built by Hunting Percival, the Jet Provost was officially accepted by the British Royal Air Force in 1957 and continued service until the early 1990s. Variants of the Hunting Percival built Provost extended from the T1 through to the T3A until the British Aerospace Company (BAC) merged with Hunting Percival and continued to refine the Provost through to the T5 and T50 export variants.

With a top speed of over 740kph, the aircraft, powered by a Rolls Royce Viper Mk 202 engine producing 2,450lbs (10.9kN) of thrust, offers excellent manoeuvrability and mechanical reliability. The Jet Provost was utilized for air warfare, aerobatics, tactical weapons and advanced training for over 35 years in the air forces of eight different countries.

Our Jet Provost is undeniably the best in the world. We are the only operator to hold the fully approved data library for all maintenance and flight operations, whilst methodically recording all parameters of engine and airframe analysis after each and every flight in traditional RAF log books. We continue to operate our jet to the original stringent military schedule of maintenance, with air force trained and qualified engineers who have worked on these jets their entire careers.

You're guaranteed a front row seat for your XJET experience, as the Jet Provost XW295 is equipped with side by side seating. This allows you the unique opportunity to view everything the pilot does, listening to all communications, watching each and every gauge and feeling the ultimate rush as you're pushed back into your seat and experiencing both positive and negative 'G' force!

First flight:

36 feet 11 inch (11.25m)

33 feet 7 inches (10.25m)

Side by side

2450lb thrust – Rolls Royce Viper 202

740 mph (12,000 kph)

Service ceiling:
35,000 feet (10,668m)

Pilot, co-pilot

Landing gear: