Darcy O'Conner
Darcy O'Connor

Darcy is an ex military aviator and current airline check and training captain with a long and distinguished aviation career. Darcy has flown for the RAAF, Ansett, Singapore Airlines, Eva Airways and is currently flying with Jetstar. Aircraft flown include the DC3, Citabria, A320, T28 Trojan, Lear 45, Decathalon, B747-400, Winjeel, Harvard, CRJ, Chipmunk, Tigermoth, Auster, Macchi Jet, Jet Provost 5, Iroquois, CT4, PC9 and P51 Mustang. With low level aerobatic approval, continual air show appearances, current captain check and training approval and a past FLT Commander – Darcy O'Conner is well versed in all disciplines of aviation. Whilst not flying the friendly skies, Darcy is on active reserve for RAAF Point Cook Museum where he flies the P51 Mustang.
Chris Tulk
Chris Tulk

Chris began flying gliders at the age of 14 and since then has amassed a vast amount of flying experience. He spent 17 years in the RAAF, in which time he flew the HS748, P3C Orion, CT4, PC9, DH82A Tiger Moth, CAC Winjeel and Sopwith Pup.

Chris spent a number of years as a flying instructor, teaching basic and advanced students how to fly, as well as teaching qualified pilots how to become instructors.

Chris was a member of the RAAF Roulette aerobatic team for 18 months, and was also an instructor examiner for pilots on the B350, HS748, PC9, CT4 and P3 Orion.

Chris has considerable air show experience both with the Roulette aerobatic team and as a solo low-level aerobatic display pilot.

Chris currently flies the A330 for Qantas, and maintains his vintage aircraft flying skills as an active member of the RAAF Reserve, where he is a regular display pilot for the RAAF Museum at Point Cook.
Peter Clements
Peter Clements

Peter has flown for the Air Force in a career which has seen him fly numerous tours in the Middle East with peace keeping forces and train today's up and coming Top Guns.

Peter is a former RAAF instructor and member of the prestigious Roulette aerobatic display team. Peter has also been a member of the Southern Knights Aerobatic team since they formed in 1997 flying Harvards, and he has a vast amount of experience on many other types of aircraft such as the Macchi Jet, CT4, Challenger 604, Squirrel, A320, Iroquois, A320, Focker Tri Plane, T28 Trojan, PC9, Jet Provost 5, P51 Mustang, Gulfstream IV/V, Falcon 200 and B717.

As a past RAAF flying instructor, FLT commander and experienced air show pilot, Peter's flying skills are continually sought after. He continues to use these skills as a pilot with Jetstar and as a corporate jet captain whilst also on active reserve for the RAAF museum at Point Cook.
Keath Hartley
Keith Hartley

Keith has flown for the RAF, BAE systems and with the international test pilots' school. He was active in the UK display industry for over 15 years, with the majority of his time flying in some of the world's fastest military jets.

Having been chief project pilot for Eurofighter Typhoon, Thunder City's chief pilot and an experienced test pilot, Keith is considered a very highly qualified and experienced aviator. His experience includes the Lightning, Tornado, Hunter, Hawk, Jaguar, Buccaneer, Typhoon, Phantom, Jet Provost Strike Master, Gnat, Gyro Flug SC01, Tucano and the Pilatus PC7 and PC9.

Keith continues to carry out flight testing, training and display flying around the globe when he is not flying with XJET.